Taiwan Police Clearance

The ATN section assists with the processing of the Taiwan Police Clearance for Filipinos who have previously stayed in Taiwan and need the aforementioned document.

For Filipinos who are still residing or working in Taiwan, they are advised to file the request with the Taiwanese Police directly.

Application Process

For Filipinos who have returned to the Philippines, the application for the Taiwan Police Clearance can be made at the MECO Manila office.

Step 1

Gather the required documents

  • Submit two (2) photocopies of the passport data page (first page) and alien resident card (ARC) used in entering Taiwan.
Step 2

Complete the required Police Record Certificate Application Form. The document may be downloaded from the Forms page.

Step 3

Pay the required fees

Note: Applicants can choose to pay an additional fee to have MECO send the Police Clearance to any address within the Philippines via courier service.

Step 4

Upon completion of payment, an acknowledgment receipt will be provided. Applicants are reminded to keep the receipt as this will be needed to release the document.

The application for the Taiwan Police Clearance will be sent to the MECO-Taiwan office for processing and the Administrative Assistant in MECO-Manila will notify the applicant once the police record certificate is available for release.

Authorized Representatives

If the applicant cannot personally claim the Taiwan Police Clearance, an authorized representative can be assigned upon presentation of the following:

  • Letter of authorization and one valid ID of the applicant
  • One (1) valid ID of the authorized representative