Report of Birth

Report of Birth (ROB) is the prescribed form used for the registration of the birth of a Filipino abroad. This is a requirement so that Filipinos born in Taiwan will have a record in the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA).

A child is Filipino if either of his/her parent is a Filipino.

Report of Death

The death of a Filipino in Taiwan should be reported and registered with the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) through MECO. The Report of Death (ROD) should be filed as soon as possible from the date of death.


All documents to be submitted must be in English by the issuing office (e.g. Hospital, Prosecutor, etc.) or translated into English, notarized by the Local District Court or Notary Public, and authenticated by the Bureau of Consular Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)

  1. Duly accomplished Report of Death Form
  2. Five (5) copies of Death Certificate or Autopsy Report of the deceased
    • All copies of the Certificate should be notarized by the Local District Court or Notary Public and authenticated by the Bureau of Consular Affairs (MOFA)
      都需要經過 當地地方法院 或 民間公證人 公證 和 外交部 領事局 認證
    • Six (6) copies Seaman’s Book, if Seaman/Fisherman
  3. If remains are to be shipped:
    • Five (5) copies of the Duly Notarized Certificate of Embalmment from the Funeral Services or other licensed service provider that embalmed and sealed the casket (sample may be requested from MECO)
    • Five (5) copies of the Quarantine Certificate from the Centers for Disease Control
  4. If deceased is to be cremated:
    • Five (5) copies of the Duly Notarized Cremation Permit
  5. Five (5) ccopies of the deceased’s Philippine Passport data page
  6. Five (5) copies of the shipping documents if remains are to be shipped to the Philippines
  7. Consular Mortuary Certificate (to be provided by MECO)
Report of Death NTD 1,000
Authentication of Death Certificate NTD 1,000
Report of Marriage

Marriages abroad of Filipinos must be reported and duly registered. MECO registers marriages of Philippine citizens celebrated in Taiwan.