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Fingerprinting for NBI Clearance
  1. Copy of valid passport (original passport to be presented)
  2. 2”x 2” colored photo with white background taken within three (3) months prior to application
Regular NTD 500
Expedite Additional NTD 100

Applicants will be asked to accomplish the NBI Form No. 5 and a consular staff will take the fingerprints of the applicants, accordingly.

The following requirements should be submitted to the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) for the issuance of an NBI clearance:
  1. Authenticated NBI Form No. 5
  2. Copy of valid passport
  3. SPA authorizing a representative in the Philippines
  4. Cash payment of One Hundred Thirty Pesos (PHP 130.00) Philippine currency

If the applicant is renewing an NBI clearance issued from 2014 to present, and there is no correction in the name, place and date of birth, the applicant does not need to have his/her fingerprints taken. The applicant may send the original NBI clearance, a copy of his/her valid Passport, one (1) 2x2 photo with white background and a letter of authorization to the authorized representative for onward submission/filing to the NBI office in Ermita, Manila. NBI clearance is PHP 130.00, Philippine currency.

Once received, the duly notarized NBI Form must be sent to the Philippines for filing at the NBI, through the authorized representative with a written authorization from the applicant and a photocopy of the applicant’s valid passport. NBI clearance is PHP 130, Philippine currency.

Driver’s License Card / Certificate of Driving Experience
  1. Prepare a Special Power of Attorney (SPA) (SPA for Driver's License Form) authorizing a representative in the Philippines to do the following:
    1. Claim the Driver’s License Card from the Land Transportation Office (LTO)
    2. Request for a Certificate of Driving from the LTO Main Branch (only)
    3. Submit the Driver’s License Card and/or the Certificate of Driving from LTO to the Department of Foreign Affairs for authentication
    4. Claim the authenticated Driver’s License Card and/or the Certificate of Driving from the DFA
  2. Submit photocopies of valid IDs bearing the signatures and photos of the owner of the SPA and the authorized representative should be attached to the SPA
  3. The SPA should be notarized by MECO
  1. The representative in the Philippines will present the notarized SPA to the LTO and DFA. Photocopies are required for submission to the said agencies
  2. Upon receipt of the authenticated Certificate of Driving from the DFA in the Philippines, the same should be authenticated by the Taiwan Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in the Philippines, together with the Philippine Driver’s License Card. These documents shall be presented for the application of Driver’s License in Taiwan