Dual Citizenship
Renunciation (For Filipinos who wish to acquire TW Citizenship) Requirements:
  • Certification of Qualification to apply for ROC Citizenship, 3 copies
  • Household Registration Certificate (戶籍謄本), 3 copies

    • Only 1 original copy will be provided so they have to make 2 photocopies on their own.
    • Above 2 documents must be acquired from the Household Registration Office, translated into English and have the English portion certified by the district court and MOFA

    First page of the Qualification is a letter so no need to translate this to English

  • Personal appearance of the applicant
  • Original Filipino passport
  • Completed Declaration of Intention Form (Click here to download the form)
Processing Fee
  • NTD 1000
  • Expedite: NTD 1,200 (↑NTD 200)
Releasing Period
  • 2 working days
  • Expedite: 1 working day
Reacquisition of Filipino Citizenship
  • Completed Application Form
  • 3 pcs. 2x2 pictures, colored white background
    • 1 pc. Right View
    • 1 pc. Left View
    • 1 pc. Frontal View
  • Original and 5 copies of the NSO Birth Certificate
  • Previous (cancelled) PH passport, original and 5 copies of the data page
  • Original and 5 copies of the Marriage Contract
  • Original (current) foreign passport (TW), original and 5 copies of the data page
  • Original and 3 copies of the Certificate of TW Nationality (中華民國國藉證明)
    • Acquired at the Household Registration Office
    • Needs to be translated in English and authenticated at the District Court and MOFA (should have the original stamps). If these 2 gov't agencies will get a copy - the applicant needs to prepare extras. MECO requires 4.
    • Should include the AKA (Previous PH Name of the applicant)

NOTE: Applicant will have to come to MECO 2 times as the process is a two-step process.

Processing Time:
  • Step 1: 3 working days
  • Step 2: Processing time for the second step is by appointment
  • Step 1:
    • NTD 2,050: Petition
    • NTD 1,000: Authentication - Certificate of ROC Nationality
    • NTD 500: Seen/Verified - Birth Certificate
    • NTD 500: Seen/Verified - Marriage Contract
  • Step 2:
    • NTD 2,050: Oath of Allegiance
    • NTD 1,000: Petition of Issuance of Passport
    • NTD 2,000: Passport Application Fee