Authentication / Acknowledgement

To facilitate efficient transactions between Taiwan and the Philippines, the MECO Legal Services of the Consular Affairs Office authenticates documents that may have been issued or executed in Taiwan. In many cases, Philippine authorities, business firms or individuals require authentication of documents.

Authentication does not mean that the document is genuine, proper or legal. The act of authentication simply refers to certifying that the signature of an official is genuine. In the case of MECO, the office is certifying that the signature of the Ministry of Foreign of Affairs official authorized to authenticate a Taiwanese document is genuine. The requirements are stated below.

Documents presented for authentication must be written in English.

Requirements for Authentication of Documents

MECO will only authenticate documents translated in the English language, issued in Taiwan and to be used in the Philippines. The same must first be authenticated by the District Court and by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Taiwan (MOFA).

Processing Period
  • Regular - Two (2) working days
  • Expedite - After 5.00 p.m. of the same day
  • Authentication Fee – NT$1,000.00
  • Expedite Fee (if applicable) – NT$200.00
Schedule of Release of Documents (for authentication and notarization)

Documents for authentication and notarization will be released after two (2) working days.

Documents with the additional Expedite Fee will be released after 5pm of the same day.

Seen and Verified / Certified True Copy
  • Only applicable to PH passports, PH Birth certificates, TW passports, TW ID, TW ARC
  • Original document and a photocopy of each

* no need for personal appearance

Releasing Period:
  • 2 working days
  • NTD 500