Investing in The Philippines

Trade and investment between the Philippines and Taiwan have been going on for centuries. The MECO plays a significant role in sustaining this relationship. Aware of the importance of Taiwan as a market for Philippine exports and a source of investments, the MECO is committed to enhancing this relationship at the bilateral level and within the ambit of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC).

For trade and investment, MECO works with the Philippine Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), the agency tasked to promote Philippine product and service exports to world, and to promote and facilitate foreign investment into the Philippines.

To achieve this mandate, MECO, through the DTI’s representative office in Taiwan, the Philippine Trade and Investment Center (otherwise known as MECO-Commercial Affairs) provides the following services to Philippine and Taiwanese stakeholders:

  • Promotion of Philippine export products.
  • Assistance in identifying suppliers of Taiwanese products used as component parts/finishing inputs of Philippine exports.
  • Provision of critical market information to RP exporters, including but not limited to, consumption patterns, product trends, marketing strategies of competitors, new legislation affecting access into Taiwan and new product niche opportunities.
  • Promotion of the Philippines as an investment destination for Taiwanese businesses.
  • Responding to queries on the Philippine investment environment including, but not limited to, information on the cost of doing business, locations of economic zones and industrial parks, incentives available to foreign investors, available infrastructure, rules and regulations governing the establishment of foreign businesses and competitive advantages of the Philippines over other destinations.
  • Representations with the Taiwan government in improving market access for RP exports into Taiwan, and in enhancing economic relations in general.