Notarial services refer to the act of administering an oath. The person who takes the oath states he/she has executed a document and affirms that the document was executed freely and voluntarily (such as special powers of attorney, general powers of attorney). In some cases the person swears to the truthfulness of his/her statements in a document (such as affidavits of consent, affidavits of support, affidavit of lost passports or other documents and other affidavits).

Because this involves taking an oath, the person taking the oath MUST appear personally before an authorized MECO official.

Affidavits presented for affirmation must be written in English.

Notarial Services For
  • Affidavits of Consent
  • Special Power of Attorney
  • General Power of Attorney
  • Certificates
  • Documents for Authentication and others
Requirements for Notarization

The MECO Legal Services of the Consular Affairs Office will only notarize documents translated in the English language, executed in Taiwan for use in the Philippines.

  • Document to be notarized/verified/noted
  • Upon request document may be prepared by an authorized MECO officer/staff provided that client is informed that MECO will not assume any liability or obligation as to the contents of the document and that client assumes all risk concerning the execution of the same
  • For certification of document as the true copy of the original the original must be presented
  • The Affiant or the one executing the document must sign the document in front of the Legal Officer or the Officer of MECO authorized to do the same. This means that personal appearance of the Affiant or the person executing the document is required and cannot be waived.
  • Notarization of documents which was not signed in front of authorized officer or was not personally acknowledged before the notary public or authorized officer is a serious offense and one of the grounds for disbarment.
Processing Period
  • Regular - Two (2) working days
  • Expedite - After 5.00 p.m. of the same day
  • Notarial Fee - NT$1,000.00
  • Expedite fee for Notarial (if applicable) - NT$200.00
  • Verification/Notation Fee - NT$1,000.00
  • Expedite Fee for Verification/Notation (if applicable) - NT$100.00
Schedule of Release of Documents (for authentication and notarization)

Documents for authentication and notarization will be released after two (2) working days.

Documents with the additional Expedite Fee will be released after 5pm of the same day.

Click here for the Downloadable Affidavits and Other Forms.