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Manila Economic and Cultural Office

Manila Economic and Cultural Office Philippine Representative Office in Taiwan

Report of Death

The death of a Filipino in Taiwan should be reported through the Manila Economic and Cultural Office for onward transmittal to the relevant government agencies in the Philippines. On the other hand, a mortuary certificate is required when the remains or cremated remains of the deceased are to be shipped to the Philippines.




Duly accomplished Report of Death Form


Death Certificate or Autopsy Report –  5 sets (6 sets if the Deceased is a seafarer or fisherfolk)

·       ALL copies should be notarized by the Local District Court or Notary Public and authenticated by the Bureau of Consular Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (BOCA, MOFA)


Data Page of the Philippine Passport of the Deceased – 5 Photocopies

If the Remains/Cremains are to be Shipped to the Philippines


Consular Mortuary Certificate issued by MECO


Duly notarized Certificate of Embalmment from the Funeral Services or other licensed service provider that embalmed and sealed the casket OR a duly notarized Cremation Permit – 5 sets


Quarantine Certificate from the Centers for Disease Control – 5 sets


Shipping Documents, such as Flight Itinerary, Name of Consignee, Special Power of Attorney executed by the Deceased’s Next of Kin





Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q: My family member, a Taiwanese, was born in the Philippines. Can his/her death be reported to the Philippines by submitting a Report of Death to MECO?

A:   No. Only vital events of Filipinos in Taiwan may be reported to MECO. The death of a foreign national cannot be the subject of a Report of Death.


Q:  Should the requirements for Report of Death be written in English?

A:   Yes. The Certificate of Death issued in Taiwan, the Mortuary/Embalmer’s Certificate, the Cremation Permit, and the Certificate from the Taiwan Centers for Disease Control should all be written in English as these documents will be forwarded to and reviewed by the Philippine agencies.


Q: How long will it take before a Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA)-issued Report of Death becomes available?

A:   It will take approximately six (6) to eight (8) months from the time the Report of Marriage is issued by MECO before a certified true copy may be applied for with the PSA. After the ROM is issued by MECO, copies of the same will be transmitted to the Department of Foreign Affairs for their review and for onward transmittal to the PSA.


Q:  I noticed that there are errors in my family member’s Report of Death, can I have these errors corrected in MECO?

A:   No. MECO is not authorized to make any changes in the Report of Birth, Report of Marriage, and Report of Death once the report has been registered with the Philippine Statistics Authority. The Philippine Consulate General in Xiamen, China is the proper venue to have the errors corrected.


Q: What errors can be corrected by the Philippine Consulate General in Xiamen, China?

A:   Only typographical or clerical errors, or mistakes due to human error, on the (a) name or nickname, (b) the birth day and month, or (c) the sex of the registrant, can be corrected.  These errors can be changed provided that the same are obvious.