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Renunciation of Philippine Citizenship



Filipinos who are interested to apply for naturalization are required by Taiwan to renounce their original citizenship. After taking the oath of renunciation, the applicant is no longer a Filipino and effectively divests the rights and privileges that come with holding Philippine citizenship. After having been naturalized as a Taiwan national, s/he may re-acquire his/her Philippine citizenship through the process of re-acquisition under R.A. No. 9225.


As regards the processing of the applicant’s naturalization in Taiwan and the submission of various documentary requirements in the Philippines, further inquiry should be made with the Taiwan Household Registration Office and the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Manila.






Duly accomplished Declaration of Intent to Renounce Philippine Citizenship


Certificate of Naturalization準規化中華民國國籍證明書

– 3 Copies (1 original; 2 photocopies)

·       Request Household Registration Office for English Version (Not Translation) 戶政事務所發的英文版


Household Registration Transcript of Spouse

 3 Copies (1 Original, 2 Copies) 戶籍謄本 (三份)

·       Request Household Registration Office for English Version (Not Translation) 戶政事務所發的英文版

·       ALL copies should be notarized by the Local District Court and authenticated by the Bureau of Consular Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) 都需要經過 當地地方法院  民間公證人 公證  外交部 領事局 認證


Three (3) photocopies of the following:

準備三份影本 :

a.     Applicant’s ARC (front and back) 申請人的居留證 (正反面)

b.     Spouse Taiwan I.D. 配偶之身分證 (正反面)

c.     Spouse Passport (data-page) 配偶之護照


One (1) photocopy of valid Philippine Passport (data-page) 申請人 護照影本 (一份)


One (1) photocopy of PSA Birth Certificate 菲律賓出生證明 (一份)


MECO may require the submission of additional documents on a case-by-case basis to determine the applicant’s citizenship, identity, and/or legal status under Philippine laws.


For a more seamless processing of transactions, clients are encouraged to book their appointments in advance here.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q:  I intend to renounce my Philippine citizenship as a pre-requisite for naturalization as Taiwan national. Do I need to present to MECO my Certificate of Naturalization from the Taiwan Household Registration Office?

A:   Yes. We require the presentation of the English version of the Certificate of Naturalization from the Household Registration Office. However, the Certificate need not be notarized and authenticated in so far as the application for Renunciation of Philippine citizenship is concerned.


Q: What are the consequences of renouncing my Philippine citizenship?

A:   Upon express and voluntary renunciation, Philippine citizenship is given up. Under the laws of the Philippines, the individual has effectively lost his/her citizenship and is no longer deemed a Filipino. S/he will no longer be entitled to the rights and privileges previously enjoyed as a Filipino, and the following prohibitions shall now apply to him/her:

1.     S/he cannot purchase/own/be a transferee of land in the Philippines in excess of 1,000 square meters of urban land or one hectare of rural land for residential purposes, or in excess of 5000 square meters of urban land or three hectares of rural land for business purposes;

2.     S/he cannot participate in the elections, whether as a candidate or as a voter;

3.     S/he cannot hold a Philippine passport and entry to the Philippines is not guaranteed;

4.     S/he cannot seek direct assistance from MECO as only Filipinos are entitled to the same.


Q:  I am a natural-born Filipino and I need to renounce my citizenship as a pre-requisite for Taiwan naturalization. After I renounce my Philippine citizenship, will I no longer have the option to be a Filipino again in the future?

A:   With the passing of Republic Act No. 9225, natural-born Filipinos who have lost their citizenship by reason of their naturalization as foreign nationals can become a Filipino through the process of Requisition/Renunciation of Philippine Citizenship.


Q: How much will I spend for the Renunciation of my Philippine citizenship?

A:   Processing fees shall depend on the circumstances of the person renouncing his/her Philippine citizenship. Please see our schedule of fees here to approximate the costs.