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Manila Economic and Cultural Office Philippine Representative Office in Taiwan

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Manila Economic and Cultural Office

Manila Economic and Cultural Office Philippine Representative Office in Taiwan

General Notarial Services



Documents executed by Filipinos for use in the Philippines may be notarized by authorized officers of the Manila Economic and Cultural Office. Such documents include affidavits for submission to various offices in the Philippines, Special Powers of Attorney (SPA) or authorization letters allowing a representative in the Philippines to process transactions on behalf of the Filipino in Taiwan, and copy certifications of valid Philippine Passports.





Valid Philippine Passport – original and three (3) photocopies of the data page


Valid Alien Resident Certificate or Taiwan Passport (if dual citizen)

a.     Regular Transactions – original and one (1) photocopy of the ARC (the front and back sides should be printed on a single page) or Taiwan Passport Data Page

b.     Special Power of Attorney for Claiming of Death Benefits from Taiwan Labor Insurance – original and three (3) photocopies of the ARC


Document to be Notarized

·       MECO may assist in the preparation of simple documents. Templates are also available here.

·       The document shall be signed by the signing party before the notarial officer at MECO.


MECO may require the submission of additional documents on a case-by-case basis to determine the client’s citizenship, identity, and/or other relevant information in connection with the client’s transaction/s in the Philippines.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q:  In executing my affidavit, special power of attorney, or other forms, should I use my Philippine or Taiwan address?

A:   For documents to be notarized in Taiwan, the signatory’s address in Taiwan should be reflected.


Q:  How long is my Special Power of Attorney (SPA) valid?

A:   The SPA shall be valid until the purposes of the same have been accomplished. However, agencies or offices in the Philippines may require an up-to-date SPA before the agent can process transactions on behalf of the principal. To be sure, it is recommended to confirm with the relevant agency/office in the Philippines if the SPA will still be acceptable based on their requirements.


Q:  Can I get a National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) clearance from MECO?

A:  No. MECO can only assist with the fingerprinting on the required form. The application and issuance of the NBI clearance shall still be processed with the NBI in the Philippines.


Q:  I cannot go home to the Philippines to process my NBI clearance, but I already did the fingerprinting at MECO. What should I do next?

A:   After fingerprinting, the applicant should execute a Special Power of Attorney (SPA) in favor of his/her acquaintance/agent who shall be responsible for the processing of the NBI clearance in the Philippines. The execution and notarization of your SPA can both be done in MECO. Your notarized SPA and the fingerprinting card should be sent to the Philippines to the person whom you authorized.