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Manila Economic and Cultural Office Philippine Representative Office in Taiwan

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Manila Economic and Cultural Office

Manila Economic and Cultural Office Philippine Representative Office in Taiwan

Authentication Services


To facilitate efficient transactions between Taiwan and the Philippines, the MECO Legal Services of the Consular Affairs Office authenticates documents that may have been issued or executed in Taiwan.  In many cases, Philippine authorities, business firms, or individuals require authentication of documents.




Authentication does not mean that the document is genuine, proper, or legal. Authentication does not go into the contents of the document. The act of authentication simply refers to certifying that the signature of an official is genuine.  In the case of MECO, the office is certifying that the signature of the Ministry of Foreign of Affairs (MOFA) official authorized to authenticate a Taiwanese document is genuine.  The requirements are stated below.

馬尼拉經濟文化辦事處所認證之文件只限於證明該文件官方以及外交部官員之所簽屬的簽名屬實經過認證文件並不代表文件本身是正本,文件內容無誤無不符以及具有法律效力.  必備文件請參照下方.








1.     Documents presented for authentication must be issued in, written in, or translated to English.


2.     Documents are:


a.     issued in or executed in Taiwan; or,


b.     authenticated by a foreign representative office of Taiwan duly authorized and capable of authentication by MOFA.


3.     Documents are to be used in the Philippines.


4.     Documents must first be notarized by the District Court or by a duly authorized Notary Public, AND authenticated by the Bureau of Consular Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (BOCA, MOFA).文件認證前須先由地方法院公證或經過正式授權之公證處公證後再


5.     Total No. of Copies = No. of Copies Needed in the Philippines + 1 Copy for MECO需準備總份數 = 在菲律賓所需份數 + 1份給辦事處留底

*1 Set consists of a maximum of 4 copies of the same kind of document, including the copy for MECO to archive.


*Only 1 copy per Set will have the red ribbon.


6.     ALL COPIES must bear the actual (not photocopy) BOCA, MOFA authentication, which provides information on the notary public/district court officer (not simply saying that the document is a “true copy”)

所有文件必須正本(不能影本經過外交部領事事務局認證後將會給予一張認證單位(公證以及認證單位)之資訊. (並不是只有在文件上說明與正本相符”)