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Ten-pin bowling tournament raises funds for Filipinos in distress

Posted 2020-09-07 09:36:10

Taipei, Sept. 6 -  A one-day charity ten-pin bowling tournament organized by the Filipino community in northern Taiwan saw over 70 players competing in the event Sunday to raise money for Philippine workers in distress.

The 74 players, in 14 teams, each representing a Philippine organization, including the VisMin Association and the Confederation of Ilocano Association, Inc., Samahang Ilokano (CIASI), competed in the "2020 FilCom Bowling Tournament" held at the Yuanshan Sports Complex in Taipei.

The tournament's top trophy, "Rank-A Champion," was clinched by Yzell Abucay, a Filipina factory worker in Taipei.

Yzell Abucay (left) and OFW Family Club president in Taiwan Mercy Kuan (right)/ CNA photo Sept. 6, 2020

Katherine Corrales, secretary-general of the Federation of Filipino Communities in Taiwan (Northern), also known as Filcom, which organized the tournament, told CNA that the proceeds of the event will go toward helping a Filipino factory worker based in Taoyuan, who was hospitalized for high blood pressure last month.

The proceeds were generated from registration fees of NT$500 (US$17.02) per person, Corrales said, adding that they expected to raise funds of at least NT$20,000 from the tournament after deducting necessary expenses.

Sabrina Aaron, director for the assistance to nationals section at the Manila Economic and Cultural Office, which represents Philippine interests in Taiwan in the absence of formal links, said it is very common among Filipinos to show the spirit of communal unity and support.

"In the Philippines, we have the culture of 'Bayanihan,' which means that everyone in the community helps each other.

"In the Filipino community in Taiwan, we also help each other by stepping up and holding activities like this to raise funds to help those in need," Aaron said.

Participants cheering at the tournament/ CNA photo Sept. 6, 2020

Jenny Pasadilla, treasurer of the Overseas Workers Bowling Association, said that the Filipino community has been meeting up to play ten-pin bowling since 2011 and has started raising funds since two years ago to help other people.

Next month, they will try to raise funds to help a frontline Filipino medical worker in the Philippines who has a medical condition, Pasadilla said.

Filcom, established in 2006, comprises some 30 Filipino organizations in northern Taiwan based in Taipei, Taoyuan, Hsinchu County, Yilan County, and Hualien County, according to Corrales.

Its goal is to foster camaraderie, cooperation, and unity among Filipino organizations and their members with common goals aimed at recognizing, enhancing and promoting Philippine culture in Taiwan, Corrales said.

The umbrella organization is also aimed at inculcating the values of care, selflessness, and charity among Filipino organizations and their members while organizing joint activities with other organizations and entities to benefit the Filipino migrant community in Taiwan, Corrales added.