Pinoy Worker Finds His "Forever" in Taiwan

Posted 2018-03-21 17:59:21

OFW who becomes a Taiwan son-in-law shares his working experience

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A Taiwan son-in-law from the Philippines shared his experience of how he got adapted to the new life in Taiwan and how he encouraged them to make the most use of their time during their stay in the neighboring country.

John Paul Morgado, who has been living in Taiwan and working at I-Mei Foods for almost a decade, came to Taiwan 10 years ago as a blue-collar worker. He met his Taiwanese wife at work and fell in love with her. They got married after three years. Since then, John Paul, who obtained his residence status after being in Taiwan for around seven years, has been working as a contracted worker.



In a video taken by the food company, he talks about how he overcame the homesickness in his first month of living in Taiwan and how he grew to like the place and food here. He encourages his compatriot workers to go to church after work, try different things and visit different places in Taiwan, which he considers very helpful for beating homesickness.

I-Mei Foods, known as Taiwan’s leading food company and biggest bread provider, first hired 50 workers from the Philippines back in 1993. Last year, after learning about the costly broker fees Filipino workers had to pay before coming to Taiwan, the company decided to implement direct hiring of Filipino workers for the purpose of sparing them the burden of paying for the hefty brokerage fees.


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