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More appointment slots open to serve Filipinos in Taiwan

Posted 2021-11-24 14:52:15

Taipei, Taiwan - Continuous improvement of services to Filipinos in Taiwan is of primordial importance to MECO. 

This is the message conveyed by the Manila Economic and Culture Office (MECO) as it made available more appointment slots for different services it provides to accommodate the increasing demands from the Filipino community.


Speaking at the weekly MECOlive program on Facebook, Deputy Director for Consular Services Atty. Kyra Vernice Salayog though reminded OFWs availing of these services to ensure they would appear on their appointment dates. This is to ensure that those in need of the consular services could be attended to especially the urgent ones.


“We have increased our capacity but we noticed that demand is also increasing. Unfortunately, some people booked their appointment but failed to appear as scheduled. If you can’t make it, please cancel your appointment so the slot can go to the next one,” she stressed.


Likewise, Atty. Salayog also appealed to OFWs in Taiwan to make sure they avoid multiple bookings to give others a chance to avail of MECO’s services.


“We are working overtime to accommodate everyone. However, we found instances where individuals booked multiple appointment slots,” she pointed out.


Since booking an appointment is done online, Atty. Salayog advised Filipinos in Taiwan to check their emails, including their spam folders for confirmation. If in doubt, she advised them to call MECO to reconfirm their appointment.


Atty. Salayog said appointment slots update every two weeks and these are regularly posted in the official Facebook page of MECO. She also pointed out that the Taiwan Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in Makati City in the Philippines, is also serving Filipinos on an appointment basis.


“According to the latest information we have received, TECO’s appointment slots are very limited and the next available is already for next year (2022). So if you need TECO’s services, it would be wise to book an appointment now,” she said.


Atty. Salayog explained that the appointment system is even more necessary to facilitate possible contact tracing. At the same time, if there are directives from the Taiwan government, MECO can immediately provide appropriate advice.


Among instances when Filipinos or clients must appear in person at MECO include contract notarization where both parties are required to sign in front of the authorized MECO officer.


She said MECO also provides verification services for Filipinos in Taiwan who need to secure a driver’s license in the country. But she said it would be prudent to inquire in the Motor Vehicle Office in Taiwan where they will apply as each has varying requirements.