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Freedom is global

Posted 2022-06-13 10:55:42

For many Filipinos, the celebration of Independence Day on 12 June is just as important as that of other holidays. Being a nation of courageous and proud heroes, the essence of freedom and liberty flows through our blood, constantly reminding us of our place in history.

In his Independence Day address, President Rodrigo Duterte hoped that the day’s observance “inspires us to take after the courage of our heroes, as well as encourages us to use our abilities, skills and knowledge for the benefit of our communities.”

Overseas Filipino workers in Taichung, Taiwan listen to the 12 June address of Chairperson Wilfredo B. Fernandez of the Manila Economic and Cultural Office.


Workers in Taipei spend their Sunday at the New Taipei Metropolitan Park for the civic activity.


The Independence Day video message of President Rodrigo Duterte is screened for members of the Filipino community.


Filipinos show what they are good at — giving guests a good time.


OFW express their enthusiasm for the Filipino community’s civic show in Taipei.


Hosts Welfare Officer Roselynn Vibar ang Pag-IBIG Representative in Taiwan Lersa Li.


Winners of the 3K and 1K fun run in Taipei pose for a souvenir snap.


Runners race past the starting line of the 12 June fun run in Taipei.

What is unique about Filipinos is that their celebration of 12 June is not country-bound. It is not observed only in the Philippines. Wherever they are in the world, they take with them the spirit of the word, sharing it with their newfound friends.

Heroism no longer just means conquering nations as in olden times, but is in sharing one’s selfless and untiring efforts, something we, Filipinos, are doing around the world.

In countries where there are overseas Filipino workers, a little rain never stopped them from coming together on this day.

Fun run participants warm up with Zumba.

In New Taipei City in Taiwan, Pinoys gathered together for a fun run, cultural presentation and variety show.

Manila Economic and Cultural Office chairperson and Resident Representative Wilfredo B. Fernandez said in his message that Filipinos have reasons to celebrate — Independence Day and the success of the recent elections.

“We may have differed in the choice of our leaders, but we are united in ensuring that the outcome reflected the true will of the people. That’s independence. That’s freedom,” he said.

All these are not lost on our Taiwanese friends. Michael Peiyung Hsu, Representative of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office, acknowledged that Filipino workers are vital to their economy.

“To the 160,000 hardworking Filipino workers in Taiwan, I salute you for your contributions to the economy… as factory workers or caregivers, you have helped many families in Taiwan,” he said.