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DTI calls on all Filipinos to support local businesses through #flexPHridays online campaign

Posted 2021-11-26 18:35:52

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) encourages Filipinos to support local businesses through the power of social media through #flexPHridays, a new call to action campaign launching this November 26.

For the past six years, the Philippines has been at the top of global charts as to the number of social media users and internet usage. The country’s over 76 million unique social media users account for approximately 71% of its population. DTI sees this as an opportunity to tap the online community to support local businesses and help promote Filipino products in the global market.

The campaign leverages on the rising “flex” culture online where social media users share and showcase their purchases on their personal accounts or different online communities spanning various industries. The term “flex” has evolved into an online jargon synonymous to showcase, feature, show off, or be proud of. The “PH” inside the hashtag serves as a campaign identifier to specify that what is being promoted is Philippine-made. With the amalgamation of “PH” with the word “Fridays” resulting in “PHridays,” the campaign aims to make it a weekly Friday habit to inspire purchase of local goods and express pride in supporting Filipino products.

This campaign aims to drive awareness that in buying local products and supporting micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), jobs will likewise be provided to countless Filipinos and develops the entrepreneurial drive of our countrymen.

The #FlexPHridays campaign welcomes all Filipino consumer goods industries including but not limited to fashion and apparel, textiles, gift items, furniture, food and beverages, accessories and décor, houseware and fixtures, and technology. Through this campaign, DTI hopes that it would also help the discoverability of brands and products online as consumers share photos or videos of Filipino products on various platforms. Global studies have shown that the majority of retail or commercial buyers search brands online before proceeding with the purchase. Participation of companies and personalities in this campaign allows the increase of brand visibility in the dynamic environment of the digital space.

This campaign is not only for consumers but also encourages businesses to participate. DTI is inviting all entrepreneurs to participate by using the hashtag on campaigns, engaging endorsers to post, and also incentivizing loyal customers who use the hashtag and mention their brand.  

To participate in the campaign, just simply snap a photo or take a video of a Filipino product that you’re wearing, in your closet, in your home, on your office desk, or on your dining table and use the hashtag #FlexPHridays. Participants are encouraged to share the story of how they discovered the brand, where they bought it, and why they find the product excellent.

Everyone is encouraged to use the hashtag #FlexPHridays and wear something local during Fridays. Post your locally-produced goods on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok. DTI hopes this transforms into a habit or culture of patronizing locally-made products as this will help re-stimulate demand that will bring back more jobs needed in the recovery.