Why Study In The Philippines

The Philippines is an ideal location for international students. English is used as the medium of instruction from pre-school to university levels so international students looking for an affordable high quality education can apply for programs in the Philippines. Non english speakers looking to improve the their English language abilities can avail of the English speaking environment at the same time.

Education in the Philippines is similar to the U.S. educational system where it is divided into primary (grade school), secondary (high school/senior high school) and tertiary (university) levels. The school year in the Philippines starts in June of the current year and ends in March of the next, with a two-month summer break during April and May*. There is also one week of semestral break (the last week of October), and a week or two of Christmas break.

University level schooling in the Philippines attracts thousands of international students, the vast majority of which come from United States, South Korea, India, Pakistan, and other European countries like Sweden and Italy. Many students from Taiwan are currently enrolled in medical schools.