Acquiring The Right Visa

Wherever your going the in the world there will always be two things that should always be part of you travelling arsenal. Your passport and the CORRECT type of VISA. For travelling to the Philippines, the below VISAS are available.

  • Single Entry Individual Visa

    By the term itself, Single Entry Individual Visas allow the visa holder a one-time entry into the Philippines. Once the person with the visa has visited (entered) the Philippines, the visa is considered to have been availed of. Should the person wish to enter the Philippines again, then one has to go through the visa application process once more. As a rule only one visa at a time can be issued to an applicant and the issued visa must be availed of before another one can be issued.

  • Multiple Entry Individual Visa

    Multiple Entry Individual Visas allow the visa holder entry into the Philippines more than once up until the expiration date of the visa.

  • Single Entry Group Visa

    Single Entry Group Visas are only offered to Taiwanese travel agents who offer group tour packages to the Philippines. This service is not offered to regular travelers even if they are travelling in a group.

  • Secondary Visa

    Generally, only one visa is issued at a time per visa applicant except in cases when the traveler is flying to the Philippines and will be going to a third country then back to the Philippines. In which case, MECO can issue secondary visas (two single entry visas) to facilitate ease of travel.

  • Transit Visa

    Transit Visas allow the visa holder entry into the Philippines for/ or while in-transit meaning the traveler will be traveling to a third country after entry into the Philippines. As an example: one's flight itinerary could be Taiwan - Philippines - Singapore.