Speech during the Taiwan Double Ten Celebration in Manila

Posted 2019-10-15 09:36:17

Speech of Chairman Angelito T. Banayo

Taiwan Double Ten Celebration

Sofitel Plaza, Manila

10 October 2019


On this auspicious day when Taiwan and the entire Chinese people commemorate the uprising of October 10, 1911, which led to the eventual downfall of dynastic rule, allow me to congratulate our Taiwanese friends for keeping true to the principles advocated by your founding father, Dr. Sun Yat Sen.


It is noteworthy that the strong and lasting friendship of our two peoples draws from parallelisms in our shared history.


Not only are we very close neighbors geographically.


Not only have we had trade and commercial relations even before Spain colonized us.


Not only have our forebears come to Philippine shores, as they did elsewhere in the Southeast Asian region, to seek better fortune and eventually to become the pillars of our economies after generations of hard work and foresight.


Today let us recall that the Philippine Revolution against Spain was aided by a young revolutionary born in Zhongshan in Guangdong. That young man, also a physician like our own Dr. Jose Rizal, sent weapons through his friend, Mariano Ponce, to help our ancestors defeat the Spanish colonizers.


He also rallied the overseas Chinese who migrated to Singapore, Malaysia and even Thailand, to raise funds to fuel the revolt against dynastic rule.


Eventually succeeding in the overthrow of the Qing Dynasty, that physician-philosopher, Sun Yat Sen became the revered “father of the nation.”


Where Dr. Rizal Became the visionary who inspired Filipinos to revolt against colonial tyranny, Dr. Sun Yat Sen inspired the Chinese people to revolt against the tyrannical leadership of dynastic masters. But while Rizal was executed by the colonial masters before the revolution he inspired came to fruition, Sun Yat Sen lived to inaugurate the Republic of China on the first of January, 1912.


And the principles he espoused, namely: Nationalism; Respect and Protection of the Rights of the People; and Promotion of the People’s Better Livelihood, continue to live and be practiced today by the people of Taiwan.


Indeed, despite much adversity, Taiwan has triumphed and is now a model of economic growth in Asia, even as it continues to espouse democracy with nationalistic fervor.


The principles of Dr. Sun Yat Sen continue to be the inspiration of Taiwan.


Drawing further historical lessons from the time when Dr. Sun went to the different countries of Southeast Asia populated by migrants from China, today an economically prosperous Taiwan is promoting a New Southbound Policy, seeking better relations in the fields of economics, culture, science and technology, health and education with the people of the Philippines among others.


Resident Representative Peiyung Hsu has enumerated most of the developments in the past few years that highlight the New Southbound Policy, and how together we are strengthening the bonds of friendship that have been nurtured even in the past centuries.


The growth of visitors from both Taiwan and the Philippines over the past two years have increased amazingly. It provides our peoples the opportunity to learn more of each other, and from each other.


And so, may I propose a toast to honor that friendship between our people, with the assurance that we Filipinos will always treasure that friendship and in fact, strengthen it in the years to come.