Message during the 1st MECO Photo Exhibit Opening Ceremony

Posted 2018-10-15 16:23:56

Welcome Remarks

1st MECO Photo Exhibit

13 October 2018, Red House, Ximending


Magandang umaga! Chao An! 


Robert Draper, a contributing writer for the National Geographic magazine, wrote once in his article, and I quote;


“A photograph has the power to do infinitely more than to document. It can transport us to unseen worlds.”


True enough, specially in the advent of social media like Facebook and Instagram, a traveller would never miss the opportunity to take a snap shot of where he has been to, not only to show that he was there, but to share with the world what his eyes were able to see.


Today, we  want to bring you a glimpse of such “unseen worlds” as caught by the eyes — and cameras — of those  who joined our photo contest which we launched seven months ago.


On display would be amazing sceneries captured from various parts of the Philippines— abundant of life adventures, vivid colors and the natural beauty of our country.


They were sourced from various provinces of the Philippines which, show diversity in culture and local history, as well as our scenic attractions.


We sincerely hope that these photos would bring you soon to the Philippines, the nearest paradise destination to Taiwan, to see and experience first hand the charm of our beaches and mountains, and the warmth of friendship from our people.


Our special thanks to Litratista, the group of Filipino photographers based here in Taiwan, who partnered with MECO in making this event possible and to the sponsors — Philippine Airlines, Nikon Philippines and Shoppers Mate —who contributed to its success.


To the winning photographers and all those who submitted their entries, may you continue to use your cameras as tools of exploration; passports to unseen worlds and instruments of change for our beloved country.    



Maraming salamat. Xie xie!