Public Advisory on refunds for the Visa Processing Fee

Posted 2020-03-03 18:12:19




As a clarification to the previously issued advisory on the refund of the fees for unused visas, please be reminded that it should be  by reason, or as a consequence, of the travel ban ONLY, and shall be granted under any of the following circumstances:

     a.    the entry/travel date was from 10-15 February 2020;

           b.    the airlines issued flight cancellations on 10-15 February 2020;

           c.    the client cancelled his/her flight on 10-15 February 2020;

           d.    the client cancelled his/her hotel booking on 10-15 February 2020;

           e.    the hotel cancelled client’s booking on 10-15 February 2020.


It should be noted that items B to E is applicable even if the travel date was after the travel ban.


In addition to the submission of requirements listed previously on our Facebook page last 13 February 2020, the requests for refunds shall be accompanied by the following:


i.          Copy of the confirmed online booking issued by the airline;

ii.         Certificate of flight cancellation issued by the airline;

iii.        Proof of cancellation by the client of flight/hotel booking;

iv.        Proof of cancellation issued by the hotel or lodging house.


MECO shall process requests for refunds until 16 March 2020 only.






     a。 入境/原定旅行日期為2020210日至15日之間;

     b。 航空公司於2020210日至15日公佈航班取消通知;

     c。 旅客於2020210日至15日期間內取消航班;

     d。 旅客於2020210日至15日期間內取消旅館預訂;

     e。 旅館於2020210日至15日期間內取消旅客的預訂。





     i   航空公司寄送的訂位確認通知;

     ii 航空公司核發的航班取消證明;

     iii。 旅客取消航班/酒店預訂的證明;

     iv 旅館或民宿寄送的取消證明。