Advisory: Overseas Absentee Voting

Posted 2022-01-14 20:56:44


Overseas Absentee Voting



Stakeholders are advised of the promulgation of the following resolutions by the Commission on Elections, En Banc:


1.     Resolution No. 10739 – Guidelines for Mass Media Accreditation for the May 9, 2022 National and Local Elections; and


2.     Resolution No. 10740 – Guidelines for the Accreditation of Domestic and International Observers/Monitors for the May 9, 2022 National and Local Elections.


Application procedures are outlined on Section 6 of Resolution No. 10739 for mass media practitioners and Section 3 of Resolution No. 10740 for international observers. Filing of applications shall be made online, directly with the COMELEC Education and Information Department, through the links below:



a. For national media and other media;

b. For foreign media;

c. For foreign observers; and

d. For domestic observers.



The last day of filing of applications is on 11 March 2022.




Accreditation Resolutions