Advisory on the suspension of Philippine Visas

Posted 2020-03-24 12:04:38


In compliance with the directive from the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), Republic of the Philippines, the Manila Economic and Cultural Office has temporarily suspended the processing and issuance of sticker visas and Electronic Travel Authorizations. Further, the DFA has temporarily suspended visa-free privileges of all foreign nationals.

All Philippine visas previously issued to foreign nationals are deemed canceled except those issued to: (a) foreign government and international organization officials accredited to the Philippines; and

(b) foreign spouses and children of Filipino nationals.

為防堵疫情,依據菲律賓外交部的指令, 馬尼拉經濟文化辦事處暫時停發所有簽證(包括電子旅遊入境許可憑證)。同時菲律賓外交部也暫時中止所有外國遊客免簽證待遇,無一例外。


1. 獲認可之菲律賓外國政府和國際組織官員;

2. 菲律賓國民之外國配偶和子女。