Visiting The Philippines

So you're thinking of visiting the Philippines...that's wonderful! Thank you for considering our country as your destination of choice!

Travelling to the Philippines

Blessed with a wealth of natural resources, a rich history, and a unique culture - you will find that as a travel destination, the Philippines stands out from the rest of our South East Asian neighbors. With 7,107 islands, the Philippines offers varied options to the selective traveler such as yourself. Whether you are looking for a sunny beach to chill out on, a non-stop shopping trip, a cultural immersion unlike any other...the Philippines offers all these (and more!). That's why we say "it's more fun in the Philippines".

Studying in the Philippines

As an alternative destination for learning, studying in the Philippines provides international students quality education at very affordable costs. In addition, English is widely spoken in the Philippines along with the Filipino language. With English used as the medium of instruction from pre-school to university - international students looking to improve the their English language abilities can avail of the English speaking environment at the same time.

Retiring in the Philippines

Now visitors who've been to the Philippines - whether on business or tourism purposes - find the lifestyle pretty laid back. If you're looking for a place to retire that is filled with beautiful natural landscapes, sandy beaches, temperate weather, a colorful local life and affordable cost of living then you need not look any further. Recognized in several articles as being one of the world’s top retirement destination, the Philippines might just be that perfect spot you've been looking for where you can spend  the rest of your days enjoying peace and quiet with your family surrounded by the beauty of the land and friendly people.

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