The Board of Directors

MECO's mandate is to serve as a link between the people of the Philippines and the people of Taiwan. This relationship goes back centuries ago with trade and cultural exchanges.

MECO continues to facilitate this long standing relationship which includes interactions in investments, scientific and technological cooperatives, tourism, and the deployment of labor.

MECO is also the concrete manifestation of the Philippine government's commitment to serve its citizens in Taiwan.

MECO has its head office in Makati City, Philippines, principal representative office in Taipei and extension offices in Taichung and Kaohsiung.

Our Officers are:

Angelito T. Banayo
Chairman and Resident Representative

Gilberto F. Lauengco

Member, Board of Directors and Chief Finance Officer

Leticia R. Shahani

Member, Board of Directors 

Eddie U. Tamondong

Member, Board of Directors 

Rommel L. Sytin

Member, Board of Directors 

Cesar M. Drilon

Member, Board of Directors 

Fr. Joy Tajonera

Member, Board of Directors