Employing Filipinos

Filipinos are present all over the world - employed in various occupations and helping the world economy - as Filipinos are recognized for being resilient workers and for their proficiency in English.

Why Hire Filipinos?

The Philippines has abundant supply of highly educated, highly trainable workforce with good command of the English language.

Information technology and engineering companies expanding their reach in Asia usually choose the Philippines for the design capabilities of Filipino IT professionals and engineers.

Skilled labor, in fact, has been highlighted in the study for the fourth straight year as the Philippines’ No. 1 strength.

For many years now, executives in Asia have rated the Philippines as among the top source countries in the Asia-Pacific region for skilled labor.

Profile of the Filipino Worker

ABILITY – has a good level of competence based on skills standards and adaptability to learn and apply new skills.

FACILITY FOR COMMUNICATION – generally could speak the English language and able to learn local language if given opportunity to learn.

POSSESSION OF VARIOUS SKILLS – has fondness for acquiring new skills, tends to aspire to be a jack-of-all-trades. He/She is usually endowed with diverse skills and talents and has an aptitude for learning and discovering new knowledge and skills. Noted for his capacity to improvise or play things “by ear’.

WORK ETHICS – shows diligence and discipline in his work. Believes in teamwork, is loyal and dedicated and respects authority. Has a natural, innovative spirit and inherent capacity for industry. Has a sound temperament and can cope with the demands and pressures of work.

PEOPLE ORIENTED – can easily adjust to foreign cultures and work environment. Is generally friendly and has a positive outlook in his relationship with other people and co-workers.

STRONG FAMILY AND RELIGIOUS TIES – His/Her strongest motivation for work is the welfare of his family and his/her belief in God.

If you wish to hire Filipino workers and professionals to work in Taiwan, MECO is here to help you. MECO can assist you in hiring Filipinos for your businesses in the Philippines or any other location in the world as MECO maintains a listing of Filipinos who have had experience working with Taiwanese companies. Working with other government agencies, we can help you find the perfect fit for your needs.

Aside from the regular hiring system through manpower agencies, MECO and the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) , in coordination with our respective government agencies, namely: Philippine Overseas and Employment Administration (POEA) and Bureau of Employment and Vocational Training (BEVT) , are implementing the Special Hiring Program in Taiwan (SHPT), also known as the direct hiring Program through Taiwan’s Direct Hiring Service Centers (DHSC).  The SHPT is another recruitment channel where workers may be hired without the intervention of manpower agencies in Taiwan and in the Philippines. 

For more information regarding the Special Hiring Program in Taiwan (SHPT), please click on the helpful links found on the left side of your screen.